Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Indoor & Outdoor Space (Elizabeth)

We've been engaged in a serious construction project at our house since the beginning of last summer. I say "we" in the royal sense. It's really been my husband's project. But I guess it was my idea!

I think he would say I'm really great at good ideas. :-) The truth is that it has been MUCH more work than I would've imagined. But we're still looking forward to the part where we can sip lemonade on our (as yet imagined) wicker furniture and listen to the rain on our screen porch.

While he was working outside, I decided to do a little bit of work INside. For starters I kicked my son out, er granted my son new downstairs computer privileges if he agrees to abide by a new computer usage policy. What this really means is that I get to have my little office back! No more punishing Mom to punish teenage son! So with a little dusting and a lot of sorting & tossing I now have this:

A place to create these nifty blog posts, pay the bills & even store my little stash. Best of all I have a CHAIR again instead of sitting on the edge of the bed with my laptop. It's pretty close to perfect. To top that off I finished THIS:

I guess I shouldn't use the word "finished" since it is only one sock, but one sock in one week is pretty good for me! I started it a week ago at the free kids' matinee showing of Eragon and was delighted with the colors when I came out into full light! I got the rest of the foot done at this weekend's free kids' matinee of Charlotte's Web (which I thoroughly enjoyed). I just needed to finish the toe during yesterday's Little People Big World, and Heroes. And yes, good stuff on TV is definitely good for the knitting! In case you're wondering, the sock is made out of Meilenweit 6-ply, which definitely helped it go quickly. I forgot how much love knitting sport weight socks. (And yes it's available at River Knits!)


Heather said...

I love the look of those socks. Mine are in the blue/brown colorway. Can't wait to see how they look.

Elizabeth said...

You will love them! For best effect, cast on in a darkened theatre and then enjoy the color when you come into the light.