Saturday, May 19, 2007

Seven Things about Me by Michelle

Elizabeth tagged me. I suppose if you read the blog you already know that since we share it with Heather and Amanda. I don't know about tagging other people myself. I think everyone I know has already been tagged
Here goes:
  • I was on the speech team in high school for two years. I did Oratoical Declamation. Here is a wiki about it I did Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on self-reliance and one on political correctness taken too far in the form of a re-write of Little Red Riding Hood. Yup, I was a snotty know it all teenager. (still am possibly any comments on that )
  • Larry, my hubby, and I knew each other for 6 years before I was convinced he really did want to seriously date me. (I could be hard headed, possibly)
  • I am a coal miner's daughter
  • When I was in high school some of the senior guys thought it cute or funny to call me Sister Christian (that's my maiden name) I could never decide if it was an insult or not. What the hell is "motoring" any way and were they really singing about the young nun that was in their video or something else. To this day I can't stand the song.
  • I loath REO Speedwagon and I don't want to talk about it
  • My family (meaning my parents, sister and I) have a great love of catsup. Mom buys it by the gallon at Sam's. I was so happy to find it was good for me. It has anti-oxidents in it. ^..^
  • The last one...hmmmmmm. In junior high I was on an undefeated softball team for two years in a row. I played left field. They seriously hoped the ball was not hit in my direction.

Okay, that's it I am so out of here.

Hoping to have some finished projects to post on the blog soon.

After re-reading this I realized I say seriously way to much. Like totally.


Amanda said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves ketchup - my mom used to buy it by the gallon for me, too. Fortunately, I married someone who loves ketchup - or, so he said. Little did he know he had nothing on my ketchup obsession, LOL.

~ (the other) amanda

Elizabeth said...

Sometimes great minds think alike...sometimes not. :-) I don't eat ketchup. On anything. Except maybe when it's mixed up in sauce for meatloaf! Sister Christian. Ha. That's better than being told "ET Go Home" by the guys in the trombone section.

Michelle said...

Ketchup is a wonderful health food in my opinion. Mom also bought maple syrup by the gallon for my sister. She wore a bib to eat pancakes until she graduated high school. It was more maple syrup with pancakes than pancakes with syrup.