Monday, May 14, 2007

Leave the Rocks Alone, or, Show Me Your Socks!

Did you ever see rocks screaming louder to be messed with?

This picture comes from Davidson Fields, where Josie plays soccer (she's really should all come watch her)...every time we pass it, Joe and I have to laugh at the decorative bossiness. We knew that we had to do something with the rocks. We knew we could not leave them alone.

We had also been trying to think up a creative arrangement for the "Show Us Your Socks" challenge that was thrown down many weeks ago. Josie had suggested a picture of me rolling around in the socks, as if they were dollar bills. Joe thought maybe a picture of himself, on the bed, covered in socks and holding Cheetos, with the title "These are a few of my favorite things..." He thought he should be naked. I thought that might not be quite right.

But then I remembered the rocks...

You can't really see the socks too well on the pile of rocks, but know that the rocks have been messed with. I felt very sneaky and evil, since I took the picture in the middle of a weekday (no soccer games) and the parking lot was roped off, so I had to leave my van on the road and climb over the rope. Very satisfying.

Here's a better look at the socks...

Since all I knit, it seems, are seemed like I should have more to show for this picture...until it was pointed out to me that in 2006 alone I gave away 11 pairs of socks. You can see from the picture that I love Trekking, and I highly recommend the Wisconsin Winter Socks (4th from the left on the bottom row). I used Ultra Alpaca and a strand of Regia. These are Joe's...I can't wait to make myself some.


Jamisyn said...

Wish I could view the pictures larger, but from the teeny-tiny little pics, they do look beautiful and comfy!!

Elizabeth said...

The socks are great, and it's even better that you finally found a way NOT to "Leave the Rocks Alone." You rebel, you! BUT I think that the naked man in bed covered with socks would've really pushed the counter up a bit.