Tuesday, May 15, 2007


That would be Put Sam In Pink, for those not in the know. And, yes, I'll contribute to that cause with these. The yarn is Galway Paint in the lovely pink/purple/green colorway. The pattern is my favorite standby toe-up method from Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy. I had to purposely make these socks in a size that will not fit Victoria because the minute she saw the yarn, she wanted the socks. I suppose I'll have to get another ball to knit her some socks too.


Elizabeth said...

That makes 7 pairs of socks for the PSIP project! Woo hoo! Sam will wear pink. Grab the cameras everyone! June Sock club will be a momentous occasion! Should we call the Journal & Courier?

Jamisyn said...

You HAVE to take a picture, incase I won't be able to make it that weekend. I should have my pair finished by Saturday for the PSIP project.