Friday, May 25, 2007

Preventing Alzheimers

I was just telling Amanda how Dr. Andrew Weil says in his book Healthy Aging that you should learn new things to keep your mind agile to prevent Alzheimers. He says it's not enough to just do the same old thing every day (Doing crossoword puzzles or seeing if you can beat the contestants on Jeopardy for example). Dr. Weil says you need to do the equivalent of changing your computer's operating system. Just when you are comfortable and are in a routine and know how to do things, you should shake things up and make it all different so you have to learn something new and create new pathways in your brain.

So this is what I decided to do:

I signed up for Amanda's Granddaughter Socks class (yes at River Knits!)

This is how it looks so far!


Saffista said...

I wish I would have been in town because I have an oddly strong urge to learn how to make a granny square!

Jamisyn said...

E, that looks great!! Crochet isn't so bad, is it?? Now you need to tackle that knit/crochet sweater you were telling me about.