Friday, April 27, 2007

Orange you glad you know how to knit?

This week I attended my first ever Klondike Middle School Academic Awards Night. I have been invited before, but the boy never wanted to go and be recognized. The girl is a different story. She wants to be recognized.

I knew from talking with Elizabeth that these affairs can be lengthy and a little boring. But I'm a knitter. Bring on the boring!

I took the second of my "put Sam in pink" pair of CIC socks. I had turned the heel and thought I could make pretty good progress during this lengthy affair I was headed for.

I got to the auditorium, lost my girl to her friends, and took out the sock. The sock is knit from Nature Spun Sport (which you should all use.'s from Nebraska) and the knitting was wonderful.

A fellow soccer team mom leaned up from the row behind me and asked what I was knitting for her. I told her I was making her a tiny orange sock. She laughed and we talked about other things until the show began.

Here's what the pair looks like....

As we were leaving, after this lengthy (and hot! Elizabeth and I decided next year we bring someone to fan us with palm fronds while we knit) affair was over, Fellow Soccer Team Mom asked me if I'd finished her sock. I told her it was almost done. She asked if I could also make her a purple one...

Can I also make her a purple one? Of course I can!


Amanda said...

Look at how teeny tiny those socks are!! It's hard to believe our kids were ever small enough to wear socks that size!

Elizabeth said...

Are these socks even smaller than real kids size? Just for fun? They are sure cute whatever they are for!

Heather said...

Yep...they are small, small. 24 stitches on size 2s using sport weight...about 7 st/in. The fit nicely on my fingers, but the recipient, who works for the March of Dimes...assured me they might fit a preemie.