Monday, May 21, 2007

7 Things About Heather

Yikes! How to limit it to just 7 things?

1. I love Bob Hope, and brought "Son of Paleface" to work today to watch on my lunch break.
2. Joe and I only dated a few months before we got engaged, and we've been married for 17 1/2 years.
3. I credit my Grandma Alvy with instilling the love of "making things" in my life...starting with embroidery, latch hook rugs and little potholders. She used to cut my grandpa's socks into loops when I ran out of the loops we'd buy at the "Dime Store".
4. I love and miss Nebraska. It's spiritually renewing for me to drive down I-80, weird as that sounds.
5. When I was a senior in high school, I was accepted and awarded a scholarship to attend Trinity College in Deerfield IL...but switched to nearby Kearney State College, because of its reputation as a party school and proximity to then-boyfriend. By the last semester of that year, I had stopped partying and lost the boyfriend. But Joe was at Kearney State, so it worked out fine.
6. My new job is making me soft. Caring about things all the time makes it more difficult to be scary.
7. I love to play Pit and sand volleyball, but can't ever find people to play with me.


Elizabeth said...

Should we all plan an event at Rhiele Brothers sometime? Maybe your sockday?! They have an indoor sand volley ball thing all set up.

Lynx217 said...

I wish I could knit as good as you! I'm still quite the beginner.