Monday, August 9, 2010

Waves of Grain Lacy Baktus

Lacy Baktus
Originally uploaded by RiverKnits
Everyone has been making these little shawlettes, so I had to try one too. I liked the effect of a strand of lace weight mohair with a strand of sock yarn so I chose one of each for mine.

I used Cascade Heritage Paints color 9906 with Feza Kid Melange 194. At first I wasn't sure if the colors were very exciting. But as the scarf grew Sheryl said it looked like a wheat field and I think she was right. I liked the subtle shades of color.

I wasn't sure whether to do the original Baktus, which is simply garter stitch, or whether I should try the Lacy Baktus for a little more interest. I'm glad I opted for the Lacy Baktus. I'm not a big fan of scarf knitting; they sometimes fail to hold my attention. Having the lacy repeat rows helped keep a fairly simple project interesting as it went along.

Of course I shouldn't knit apparently simple things at charity knitting. I was supposed to be doing the decreases but I started increasing again. Back to the frog pond... Oh well. It was worth it. I really like the end result.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Want to see a magic trick?

So do I. I've been waiting and waiting for my Fairy Yarnmother to come and organize the yarn room. No luck.