Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boot Camp for Socks Mission Report

Beginning at 10:00 hours the troops reported to River Knits Base. Cars were camoflauged so that Corporal Wenig and Sergeants Dogget and Gill could engage in surveillance to detect incoming allies and targets.

An influx of allies began arriving to collect requisitioned materials such as Tofutsies, for the manufacture of appropriate foot gear. Instruction manuals were obtained.

Major Ogden provided training before engaging in KP duty on a deployment to the Golden Arches for MRE's.

The final objective of the day was a gathering of the troops for inspection. Corporal Shumar received special commendation for her contribution:

Please note that civilian support was given from Ms. Cook, who begins a dual training program Tuesday and may soon be enlisted.

In the final analysis this sock mission reached its objectives. Troops and allies left well armed.

Colonel Ladd


Heather said...

That was fun! We should do it again sometime...even without the SWTC stuff...

Elizabeth said...

I would love to have you and a hoard of interesting knitters on the street any day!

Michelle said...

We could do it again when the cosk club shirts come in.

Michelle said...

Oooookay.....maybe I should proof my comments before I post them. What is a cosk?