Thursday, April 1, 2010

Touch of Haze Scarf

Originally uploaded by RiverKnits
I saw this pattern from Theresa Gaffey and thought it looked fun. I can't resist anything that uses sock yarn. Although I really like using sock yarn FOR socks, sometimes it is fun to find other ways to put something so addictive to use.

This is a simple K2,P2 rib with garter stitch borders on the ends. So the knitting is simple but not as boring as all garter stitch or all stockinette. It's the kind of project that is an especially nice time to use that set of "fancy" needles that you probably have. I used a set of ebony #10's although I think the pattern calls for #10.5's. I like that set and I figured I knit loosely anyway.

I picked Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox because I had never knit with it and I was drawn to its softness. Then I found a teal-y color of K1C2's Douceur et Soie that looked like it would be pretty together. Then I watched Pollyanna with Heather (and probably a few other programs) and Voila! The Touch of Haze Scarf is done!

Mine is at River Knits for the time being. But I think it will make a wonderful present some time. If I were ambitious enough to do a "basket of scarves" for Christmas, this would definitely be included.
Oh, and there's a hat in the same two yarns; I couldn't stop with just the scarf! They're both at the shop if you want to see them up close.