Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too much of a good idea?

I've hoped that knitters who come to River Knits will learn to let go of perfectionism and learn to enjoy the process of knitting; to understand that every project won't be perfect but it will probably teach them something. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I've talked myself into taking this philosophy too far.

It all started with Sam's basket o' scarves. Heather's doing it too. I wistfully thought it would be nice to join them. I haven't really made that many scarves in my knitting life but I did love the idea of that basket full of them at Christmas. So when the Cestari Fine Merino crocheted halter was done and I still had some huge leftover balls of really nice merino I thought to myself, "Aha - this would make a great first scarf for the basket!" I commenced on a very attractive linen stitch pattern that would be nice for either a man or a woman.

This is one of those patterns that has you cast on a gazillion stitches and knit them on a long circular needle. Of course this means you don't have very many rows. But it also means that if you mess up a row it's a loooong way back to fix something. And I was a couple rows down the road when I realized that I'd gotten off on where I was slipping & where I was purling, so that instead of being staggered, a section of purls was lining up on top of each other.

Sam must be a kindredspirit because she said, "Oh just keep going; you probably won't even notice it later." Being a little bit lazy & looking for an excuse not to go backwards, I decided Sam was really smart!

Now I'm beginning to have some doubts that this was the right
approach. (Even though I do still think Sam is really smart.) The section that is "off" is puckered out and making a thickened section that stands out from the rest of the very flat fabric. But being several more LOOOONG rows into it at this point, I'm definitely not going back now. I'm operating on the "Steam the heck out of the glumpy part" idea. I am wondering if this complete disregard for getting it right is a sign that
a) my process over product idea has gone too far?
b) living with a houseful of kids has taught me "close enough will have to do?"
c) I need to get more sleep?
d) I'd rather be knitting socks?!


Saffista said...

So the question is: Will it block out :-)


Elizabeth said...

It might be that I can "kill" the poofy part with a steam iron. I'm going to try. I'm not dropping down the columns. If it were normal knitting I'd just do that but with all the slipping I'm not sure I'd end up knowing how to chain them back up. So I'm going for intense steam and heat. How about that?

Robin said...

Have you considered trying to drop just that section back and re-knit it? I've had some luck doing that in the past with my mistakes, I mean design features :-)