Monday, July 2, 2007

Birthday Meme

I was tagged by Laura. I tag Michelle, Heather (of this blog!) Sam & Jamisyn. (I will add links later! It's time for dinner & my kids are all at overnight camp!)

Go to Wikipeda, look up your birthday, then post 3 events, 2 births, and a holiday. Then tag 5 other people.

September 8

1504 - Michelangelo's David is unveiled in Florence.

1966 - "The Man Trap", the first episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek airs.
I didn't need to look this one up on Wikipedia!

1974 - Evel Knievel's attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls, Idaho, fails after a parachute prematurely deploys on his "sky cycle."

Evel Knievel was the epitome of daring & cool in my childhood.


On the very day I was born, no less than 3 famous soccer players were also born. Although the sport was almost unknown to me until I had a child who learned to play.

Oh I forgot a HOLIDAY

Birth of Mary (mother of Jesus) Am I supposed to believe that Mary and I share the same birthday? Amazing what you can learn on Wikipedia.


Amanda said...

That is too funny. There were two famous footballers born on my exact date of birth as well. Very strange....

Heather said...

I loooooved Evel! I had a doll with a motorcycle.

Elizabeth said...

I am so jealous. But I did have Donny & Marie. And Wonder Woman. But Evel would've been VERY cool.