Sunday, July 1, 2007

Stash Confessional

Someone asked if I would fess up and post pictures of my stash. I finally decided to confess my yarny sins and show you what I have stashed away.

The treasure chest my dad made for me. How many dads would make their daughter a treasure chest for their yarn? When he gave it to me he wondered when I would have enough yarn to fill it up. He thought it was way to big. Little did he know my secret.

No laughing.

This is my current project table.

These are the projects in waiting baskets.

A basket with two sweaters-in-waiting.

A little something my husband built to hold my yarn. It is overflowing a bit.

My treasure chest. It also holds yarn for two sweaters and a mitten kit. Some other stuff as well but since you can't see that yarn in the picture we won't talk about it.

And finally the stash closet. Ummmm. The thingy my yarn is on has four shelves you can only see the top two. Again let's not mention what was cut out of the picture. The bags and baskets on the top shelf have yarn and a few finished gift projects in them.

Let's never speak of this again. I am off to make one of Amanda's Woo Woo martini's I think I need a drink to forget all this yarn so I can buy more on Saturday. Oh yeah! Elizabeth when is the new Alpaca sock yarn coming? I need that.


Jamisyn said...

ALPACA SOCK YARN!!! Um....I think you forgot to mention this to me on Saturday!

Elizabeth said...

That's because it's not here yet and I have no idea when it's coming! But I ordered it at TNNA from Classic Elite. I think you'll really like it!

Elizabeth said...

Don't you feel lucky having TWO stash containment devices custom made for you by special people in your life? That's pretty neat.

Michelle said...

Um, yeah....Neither of them thought I had enough yarn to fill it. They were both confident they built something big enough. I do have four rubbermaid containers on stand by for stash expansion. I think I better knit faster.