Monday, July 9, 2007

Wild Kat SIP

Wild Kats Hooooo! (Sorry Thundercats flashback)
I don't know how many others are in the Tofutsies sock club out there. I really like working with the yarn in this weather.
These socks will be for Mica because I forgot to change to the size 2 needles for the leg after the ribbing. This is a very important step if you want them to fit adult size calves. Mica is very pleased to say the least.
I think the pattern which is very cool would have shown up better in a more monotone or a solid color of the Tofutsies though. It is a bit of work for not much visual effect. The pattern makes the leg go fast.
If anyone else is making these can you chime in with your opinion on the pattern/sock color combo.
Thanks ^..^


Jamisyn said...

It is still gorgeous, Michelle! Lucky Mica. I like the ribbing on the foot, I never thought of doing pattern on the leg and ribbing on the foot, I prefer a ribbed foot, fits nice and tight!

Michelle said...

Thanks. I really like the way the lace flowed into the ribbing as well. They will grow with her foot. I am keeping the extra yarn so I can lengthen the socks later.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I agree with Jamisyn. Still really nice! But if you do that pattern again in a more solid color it will be like a different sock altogether. And yes, I think Mica lucked out on that one.