Monday, July 2, 2007

Birthday Notables (May 11)

I was tagged by Elizabeth for this one. See the post below for more details. ~Michelle

May 11

Three Events
1502 - Christopher Columbus leaves for his fourth and final voyage to the West Indies.

1820 - Launch of HMS Beagle the ship that took young Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage

1858 - Minnesota is admitted as the 32nd U.S. state.

Two Birthdays
1888 - Irving Berlin, American composer (d. 1989)

1959 - Martha Quinn, American television personality (Why didn't they mention MTV?)

One Holiday
Roman Empire - Feast of the Lemures (sorta like Samhain in fact the whole unsettled spirts thing made May a bad month to get married in making June a busy month for weddings. Very Interesting.)

I also have to add that Bob Marley died on my birthday.


Elizabeth said...

May 11 seems like a day of momentous beginnings with all those voyages launching on your day!

Michelle said...
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