Sunday, April 15, 2007

This and That (Elizabeth)

After a week of exhaustion & not knitting much, I do have a few things to show! Last year at TNNA Michelle & I found a little pattern for baby booties using leftover sock yarn. Since the Trinity Nursing Center is asking for baby hats & booties, I finally decided to try this pattern! Mine is made from leftover Regia 6-ply. I finished one on the way to the Fiber Event (since Amanda volunteered to drive my car--isn't she great?) Michelle thought it looked like a Peter Pan slipper.

At the Fiber Event I managed to buy a spinning kit with assorted fibers like silk, wool and various synthetics that I don't really recognize. It is all blue and swirly. Also a kit for knitting a hat & mittens (can you believe I don't have a wool hat myself?) and I was helpless in the power of some Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock yarn. But that's all I bought. Other than shaving soap for Brent.

I also saw something on another blog that has captured my attention. A blanket made entirely of mitered squares of leftover sock yarn. I've been thinking about this for days. It's truly insane but I had to try a square. Yes, those are my new Addi lace needles too. No, it's not lace, but the needles are fabulous. So pointy and smooth. I love them! Do I love making teeny mitered squares out of sock yarn? I'm not sure. But I think I do have to make at least another one to figure it out.

AND I did finish my pink socks for CIC for the Sam-in-Pink project! (Sorry no pics yet.)

I also managed to spin a bit on this sunny afternoon. One of these days I'll have some yarn to make my 2nd Buffalo sock!

Now to pay some River Knits bills and get ready for a new week!

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