Sunday, April 22, 2007

SABLE*? Not quite yet.....

Or, how I spent my weekend.

Last weekend, while I was attending The Fiber Event and purchasing more yarn and wool to add to my stash, Tim bought me this:

Sweet guy, huh? Well, he had his reasons. My yarn, spinning, and knitting implements had taken over the living room. Sure, I have a wonderful yarn closet upstairs where I keep my stash and various tools. But, who wants to run up and down the stairs a million times a day to get needles, waste yarn, a different project, or whatever? Not me. So, the things I used most often, including 6 or 7 current projects, were scattered about the living room.

Now, Tim is a wonderful, easy-going, laid-back kind of guy, but he was pretty tired of looking at my stuff. He didn't want me to get rid of the stuff. He never complained about the fact that I had the stuff. He just didn't want to have to look at it while he was trying to enjoy a movie or watch TV. I can appreciate that. I wouldn't want to have to look past his tube amps and electronics all the time. So, the obvious solution was to find someplace downstairs where I could keep my current projects and needles. Enter the new armoire.

In the top, current projects, needles, current issues of knitting magazines, and various tools. In the bottom, seasonal dishes and kitchen stuff. Life is good and the living room actually looks....nice....not cluttery.

Inspired by this newfound neatness in the main living space, I decided it was time to sort through the stash closet and see what's going on up there. I hadn't really gone through it since we moved into the house a year ago, so it was definitely time. I found lots of odd balls of yarn, a few abandoned projects, and tons of inspiration. For the first time, there was no purging. In the past, I'd always find at least a few things that I knew I would never knit, but not today. I suppose maybe I've become a little more discriminating about the yarn I buy. Some might call me a yarn snob....and I'll accept that. Anyway, here are the fruits of my labors:

A nice, organized yarn closet. The best part is that I know there's room for more. Of course, this has given me a serious case of startitis! (check out the Gaea Creations Blog for more on this.) Having a key to River Knits can be a dangerous thing.....maybe I'll stop there tomorrow while Aaron is at school.....

*SABLE: Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

PS: Please don't tell my husband I have more than 72 miles of yarn.....yes. That's right. 72 miles. And that doesn't include the somewhat large bin of partial balls of leftover yarns.

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