Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lessons from the Yarn Harlot (Elizabeth)

That Stephanie Pearl-McPhee always has something to say that rings true, doesn't she? The morning after putting my silk Tee on two really long circs so I could try it on, I read this in her newest book:

"It is plan knitting down to the finest detail....All processes can be as thoughtful and deliberate as though you were launching a space shuttle...Then after all the planning and thorough regard...your sweater can suck and you will never know why."

Does the fact that she hits the nail on the proverbial head really make it feel better that I think my summer tee is going to look more like a tent than a t-shirt? My kids would call this quite a co-inky-dink! I am having some serious reservations about how this thing is going to look. On me anyway. The Shire Silk is really attractive, the Knitting Pure and Simple neck down V-neck t-shirt has been delightful. But I am still having serious reservations about this project actually fitting it's intended recipient, that is MYSELF.

In all fairness to the rules of knitting, I didn't meticulously swatch. (!) I thought that I would just use the first few inches of the project as a swatch and hedge my bets against knowing how I knit and choosing the appropriate needle size. The gauge really is pretty close. But I am still ...concerned. I find myself wondering just how much the ribbing at the end can be counted on to give this garment some shape. I'll find out pretty soon. If you never hear about this project again, you'll know that the answer wasn't the one I was looking for. But I will remember to hold on to this bit of Yarn Harlot wisdom:

"The element of surprise is an indelible part of knitting."


Folks at River Knits said...

Why in the world are you posting at 5:42 am? Yikes.

I haven't read all of the new YH book, but I love what I've read so far. She is right about the mystery. :)

Elizabeth said...

I swear it was NOT 5:42am. It was really more like 9:20am. My computer clock seems to be set right so it is a mystery to me why the post appears to have been published at that hour. I was however probably AWAKE at 5:42am. I woke up early and was wide awake listening to the rain. Maybe I SHOULD'VE posted then!

Laura said...

I think Blogger defaults to Pacific time. I'd hope that if you're still up at 5:42, you're knitting!