Thursday, March 29, 2007

Working Girl Knitting Blues (Michelle)

Working really cuts into the knitting time. :-(
Don't get me wrong I love the job and the people I work with. How can a serious knitter go without knitting throughout the work week? I haven't figured that out yet.
Should I ignore the piles of crap my family and pets leave (in their case it isn't literal) and knit in the evenings? I need to find a happy balance between a neat house, making and cleaning up after dinner, the internet and knitting. By the time I get done I may knit 4 rounds on a sock.
My piles of yarn are starting to get hostile. They want to become beautiful things. Maybe I should hire a maid?
How does everyone else manage?
No pictures because no knitting.


Folks at River Knits Fine Yarns said... much would your maturing child like to earn a bigger allowance? :-) If all else fails a cleaning service isn't such a bad idea:

ogden.m said...

Thanks for the link they are cheaper than I thought. I don't think hubby would like someone cleaning while he is sleeping though. Kinda weird strangers in the house while you are in your jammies.