Friday, March 30, 2007

Water, Water Every Where... (Elizabeth)

...but not a Needle Gauge to use!

How is it that I can own a yarn store but cannot find a needle gauge in my house to save my soul?

I want to cast on some socks for Sock Club tomorrow and I was hoping to properly locate by beloved #1 1/2 Crystal Palace needles, the first set I ever used to make socks! I correctly found 5 matching #1's so I think those will have to do.

Later amendment - I ended up needing bigger needles anyway!


Kadiddly said...

Same reason you can never find a tape measure, scissors, or anything else when you need it! It's gremlins!

I'm not in the WL area (or even the Midwest area) anymore, but I went to Purdue and visited your store over Christmas when I was back to visit some friends. Wow, I wish I had been a knitter and you guys were around while I was at school!

Folks at River Knits said...

I wish we had been around when I was in school too! ;-) I hope you get a chance to stop by the next time something brings you to Lafayette.--E.L.