Thursday, March 29, 2007

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Or 2 Degrees of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (by Elizabeth)

Inspired by Laura, who was in turn inspired by the Yarn Harlot, I have answered the call to show off my socks. So, here they are:

I started with my first pair in the center but after that I started to forget the chronolgy of my socks. The pair with two different feet was the first successful pair of socks that I ever knit. After a clusy attempt at an Elizabeth Zimmermann Moccasin Sock I settled happily on this Priscilla Gibson-Roberts short row heel. I've worn that pair so much that I decided to re-foot them after wearing holes in the sole of one. But my daughter discovered the joy of wool socks this winter and put an end to the re-soling efforts. She was happy to wear them with mismatched feet and I didn't disagree.

The red pair to the left started as moccasin socks, but I wasn't happy with my construction and ripped out the feet and liked the 2nd version much better. I really don't know what year that was but it had to be earlier than 2003. They are a bit thin in the sole but I still wear them often.

The burgundy solid socks in the foreground were the most boring pair of socks I ever knit. They were hard to finish. I have never knit a pair of solid colored socks since. I may stray from this practice if I attempt lace socks though. The solid teal blue lace socks were a gift from Heather and are a favorite pair because they are so different from the socks I usually make myself. The brown, purple & tan faux fair isle pair is also one of my favorites. They were a present from Michelle, and she picked the best colors possible for me--these socks match nearly all my clothes!

The blue and purple Bearfoot socks near the right of the picture are another special pair because they were knit for me by my husband! He has only knit one other pair of socks for himself (after being egged into it by me) so these are particularly prized.

I have knit a lot of socks that aren't pictured. Socks for my family members, socks for the "sockday club," socks for CIC. I even traded handknit socks for videos of a favorite old tv series before it was available on DVD. They are out in the world and hopefully cheering up someone who has happy feet.

Handknit wool socks have changed my life! Really. I used to have terrible problems with my feet due the Raynaud's Syndrome. I tried many treatments, none of which helped very much. Then I learned to knit socks and now I only have memories of any foot problems, all thanks to the joy of wool. But don't take my word for it. Just listen to Pablo Neruda

Even if I didn't have a physical need for wool socks, I would still enjoy knitting them. There is really nothing more fascinating and satisfying than turning a heel, no matter how you do it. Taking a tube of simple knitting and doing a few rows of very interesting knitting and turning it sideways so that it fits perfectly on almost anyone's foot. Now that is genius!

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