Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Rules of Sock Club

I just got home from Sock Club. What is Sock Club? We get together at River Knits every month having a theme sock in mind. You don't have to knit on the theme sock just please knit socks or we can't call it sock club anymore.
After we starting meeting for a few months someone mentioned that her husband asked her if it is anything like Fight Club. While I don't think we are delusional people and none of us are imaginary I do think a few rules are in order ala Fight Club.

The Rules of Sock Club:
  1. You do not talk about Sock Club
  2. What happens at Sock Club stays at Sock Club
  3. If the sock isn't working frog it
  4. Only two socks to a pair
  5. No shirt, no shoes, that is fine so long as you wear socks.
  6. Easy to knit socks are best, other knitters & yarn will distract you
  7. Socks go on as long as they have to
  8. If this is your first time at Sock Club you have to knit

I think we need t-shirts. ^..^



Folks at River Knits said...

Gosh, I hate to do this publicly and I could probably guess, but....what is fight club? And I'm sure we could design a nice Sock Club T-shirt. Maybe the rules could go on the back?

Jamisyn said...

As I said today at sock club, I WANT A T-SHIRT!! I could look into getting them printed up if you'd like. I totally love all your rules, especially the no shirt, no shoes one, so cute!!

Michelle said...

It is a movie with Brad Pitt and I think Edward Norton. I didn't watch all of it though.

Laura said...

I kept getting "fight club" comments too.

I love the idea for a t-shirt. Or could we find someone who does custom-printed socks?

Laura said...
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Folks at River Knits said...

I think we had talked about having t-shirts made for Sock Club when it first got started...still a great idea!