Sunday, December 9, 2007

Michelle's Sock Day

My sock day has come and gone. My sock drawer is bursting and I can't fit all my socks into it. My feet are very happy this winter. :-)
Thanks to my good friends who gifted me with so much sockie joy.
Happiness is warm wool socks.

From top to bottom and left to right:
socks from Heather, pattern is in Sensational Knitted socks book 2; Amanda's Japanese Feather Lace socks; BMP from Knitty, by Sam;
Turkish style socks from Laura; Sheryl made me some wonderfully warm thrummed socks that are perfect to wear today with the ice storm; Lickety Split from Knitty by Elizabeth, one symbol is Rooster and one is Rat for the zodiac signs that represent E and me; Debbies Crystal Palace lace weight merino socks with lace cuffs, these socks are so soft and fluffy it is like walking on a cloud.
I am a very lucky lady.

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