Friday, December 28, 2007

End of Year Finishing

How are you spending the last few days of 2007? I'm trying to see what I can finish.
Tonight it is this:
The Child's Neckdown Jacket from Knitting Pure & Simple pattern 249. I made mine in Baby Soft from Needful Yarns and it IS soft--like a cloud.

Yesterday I guess I didn't finish anything at all. I actually started something. The Arizona Colors bag made from Gianna. This is a kit from Southwest Trading Company. (Yes, we have some at River Knits!). I really wanted to finish my Regia Greenie socks, but well I needed more yarn and I was I really had to start something new, right?

Before that I watched the Bourne Ultimatum and finally finished Brent's Mittens. He had gotten one in his Christmas stocking but the 2nd one was delayed due to the omission of about 1.25" between the ribbing and the thumb ont he 2nd mitten--I was just in too much of a hurry, confirming the old adage once again.

While I was waiting for Christmas to arrive but couldn't really knit on the secret 2nd mitten I made this Diversion Hat. It is the Fiber Trends pattern called Everyone's Favorite Hat and Scarf knit in Nashua Painted Forest. It only took a few hours so it's questionable just how much of a diversion it actually was.

Let's see, I know I've finished something else this week...oh it was technically last week. But I got them done in time--in spite of ripping out the first foot which was just way too big due to assuming I knew my gauge when I really didn't.

That's all for now...but I have 3 more days in 2007!

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JoLynn said...


Thank you knitting and sending 2 pair of socks to CIC.