Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leave them alone and they'll come home?

My husband, primitive living expert extraordinaire, did a presentation at our daughter's school a couple of weeks ago since the kids are studying woodland Indians. He talked about fire starting & building shelters and things like that. From the packet of thank you notes we got from the kids, I think they liked it a lot--especially wondering if the school sprinkler system would go off from starting a fire indoors. :-)

But after a few days he started wondering where his fingerless mitts had gone. He looked in all the usual places and remembered that he had worn them to the school that day. He looked in his pack basket through all his primitive equipment he had taken to show the kids. No mitts.

We have lost handknit items before and I've come to terms with the fact that things that are actually used will sometimes get lost. But darn it--these were the first (and I guess only) things I'd ever knit out of my handspun. Not works of art; actually they fit in really well with a presentation on all things "primitive." We all thought it was too bad that they were lost.

Meanwhile I started another pair of regular mittens for him. He still doesn't know this so mum's the word, ok?

As it turns out I haven't worked on these much in the last week. My husband had to stop by the school for something last week and he decided to look at the lost & found table. Guess what he found? One t-shirt of our daughter's and...yes, his fingerless mitts! I think it has been a long time since he found anything of his in the elementary school lost & found.

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Carie M. said...

Those look like really awsome fingerless mitts!!