Saturday, August 25, 2007

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

There has been so much I couldn't tell you about lately. Like making this beautiful orange hat. I'm only sorry the picture doesn't show the black & neon hat band I made with my Black & Decker mixer.

Nor could you see the lovely orange, blue and green feathers. We really might need to take a better picture.

I couldn't tell you about these September Socks I was making out of Nebraskan Wildfoote when Heather proclaimed to everyone that she didn't hate knitting with it anymore. (I thought about hiding the rest of the patterns at River Knits, but I hoped no one else would notice how cool they were; great yarn shop owner mentality that is!)

And I really couldn't share this with you even though I desperately wanted to.

Better take a close look; it's not a sight you're likely to see again any time soon. Yes, I really bought it and I was really hoping I wouldn't see anyone I knew personally. How could I possibly have explained???


Heather said...

What a very orange blog entry!!

Jamisyn said...

HA! Tssk, tssk, tssk, bad yarn shop owner! Kidding!!

Elizabeth said...

Orange is Rhianna's new lime green! She loves your orange Red Heart socks, btw. And Jamisyn, all of the Needle Beetle patterns are available for everyone. I only THOUGHT about hiding them. :-)