Sunday, August 5, 2007

Amigurumi Who? Where?

One bad thing about Ravelry is it opens you up to new things you haven't seen before. For example, while browsing the groups, I came upon one called Amigurumi. What is that? The picture on the group button was a cute teddy bear. I checked it out.
Amigurumi is a style of Japanese crochet for toys or dolls. The toys are made with just single crochet and are very simple to do. Here is a Wikipedia link:
I thought those projects sure are cute but they are crochet and I don't like to crochet but the bug was planted in my brain. I did find some patterns that are for knitting but not many. When I found Kerochan pictured above I fell hard. He is a little animal from the Card Captor Sakura anime/manga. I had to make him. Of course I used the excuse that it was made for Mica. Here is a link to the Kerochan pattern:
I had to use stash yarn because I didn't have any yellow feltable yarn and was too embarassed to go into River Knits for it. You see I gave Elizabeth and Amanda a really hard time this summer when they were on a crochet kick.
After making Kerochan, I have not felt the need to make any more amigurumi of course I have been very careful not to visit the Amigurumi group on Ravelry any more.
Here is a link to another cute pattern for amigurumi. Thankfully I have not ordered this pattern yet.,shop.browse/category_id,6/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/
Laura, I have seen some really cute octopus, squid and seahorse patterns like this.


Amanda said...

Aaaahahahahahaaaa!!! Michelle is crocheting!! Hahahahahahaaa!!!

Michelle said...

Crocheted. It is over done, fini. Thank goodness. But the durned thing is cute.

Elizabeth said...

It IS cute...are you sure it isn't lonely though...all by itself. Doesn't it need a friend?

Michelle said...

I can't hear you.

Saffista said...

Are you sure you want to give that to Mica? It would look mighty cute at my house :-) J/k Now I think that you need a few little buddies for this guy!

Heather said...

Michelle, since everyone is so concerned about his loneliness, maybe they will make some more for you?

Michelle said...

Heather, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Okay guys get crocheting. Here is a link to a bunch of free patterns. :-)