Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to school excitement

Yes, it was "exciting" today. Just as we'd sent the daughters off to the bus stop on their bikes, I was getting ready to pour myself some juice and contemplate the silence in my house. That was when I heard a loud "Hey!" coming from outside. My older daughter had ridden back to our house from the bus stop and was trying to get our attention. "What's going on?" I yelled. My younger daughter had skinned her arm on her bike while exuberantly speeding around before parking to wait for the bus. Oh boy. I told my older daughter to go on, and I grabbed a first aid kit & got on my bike to get to the injured one. I thought I'd clean it up and put on a band aid and a kiss and get her to school. That was until I saw her. A little antiseptic wipe & a band aid was not going to take care of this!

A neighbor mom who had driven her kids to the bus stop offered to drive my daughter back up the hill to our house which was really nice. She would not have been interested in walking at that point because not only the whole upper arm and elbow but also her same knee were completely covered in blood and scrapes.

After a lot of washing, peroxide, gauze, tape, band-aids and Tylenol, she is getting a ride to school from her Papa (who was going to ride his new bike to work today). I think she has skinned her knee on the way to school before but never like this and not on the first day!

Here she is a few days ago modeling my latest knitting. It's a ....THNEED!

No, it's really an unfelted clog. And yes, she picked the colors herself.

Is there some corollary saying for the start of school like "If March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb?" Because it definitely came in like a lion today!


Heather said...


Mine was much less dramatic, although at about 7:45, well after Curtis had left for school, Joe (who worked until 2:00 am at marco's last night) yelled "Curtis! The answer is no!" in his sleep...he claims his dream was combining first day of school and pizza delivery...

Amanda said...

What a way to start the school year!!! The good news: It can only get better! :)

We had a very uneventful morning here. Victoria got up without even hitting the snooze. Aaron keeps asking me if it's time to go to Kindergarten yet (3 more hours!). The best part of the morning was discovering that there are about 10 kids at our bus stop this year! Last year, most days, it was just Victoria. She's so glad to have some company now.