Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Crazy for Hats" Phase II

Well, the charity knitting group has outdone themselves! In one week, 19 hats for the Cary Home guys have materialized, and 4 more hats for the women at Home With Hope. There was a huge pile in the donation basket, and the picture shows them spread out on the floor, with some details of each one. Many of them continue to be the Thorpe design (pattern hot link is in the previous charity knitting blog entry). And there are lots of other patterns in that pile too. If you need a pattern for one of the hats you see, you can email the blog and we will try to find out where it comes from. The need for boy's hats is pretty well filled at this time, however, the women (all adult ages) continue to need hats and scarves. Machine washable yarn is the best for them, however, you can attach a tag if other care is required.

All of you who have knitted Thorpe hats (not just charity ones), feel free to email the picture to me, and I will put it on the blog. We are going to chronicle Thorpe Mania for awhile. Elizabeth is sending out my email address in her weekly update from the shop. If you don't get her enewsletter from the shop (very useful and important piece of email every week!), be sure and let her know so that she can add your email address to the list.
Some of the ones I have so far include Mary (pictured), who attended Nordic Knitting in her new Noro Iro Thorpe Hat. She is also sporting one of those really cute neck scarves from One Skein, and a coordinating ruffle scarf on the couch that goes with her hat. (I am pretty sure that she also had hand knit socks on!)
Elizabeth (of River Knits) sent pictures of 2 of her kids with their Christmas Thorpe hats and the third picture shows the stranded knitting version, included in the pattern.

Keep happy knitting hats, the weather is perfect for it. Nordically yours, Sheryl

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