Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From Alien to Charity (and maybe to Elf)!

This project started out as an Alien Hat for Halloween. As you can see, it turned out pretty well. I scared a lot of students at work (I teach at Purdue) on October 31. At least, they looked frightened while I was lecturing in this hat. I planned on making two of these as presents, but only got one done, so I kept it. (I really did covet it anyway). The pattern is a free one from the website. I substituted 2 strands of encore for the polar fleece it calls for and it worked great.

The project is so quick that I decided it would make a great hat for our charity knitting at River Knits. I have a hard time getting things done quickly enough for Holiday giving. I made a smaller one using the 2 strands of Encore again, and didn't put the spots or the eyeball stalks on it. I thought it might not look so great for a christmas present to have eyes coming out the top. (I might have been wrong with that though). I put a chain edging of a contrasting color around the earflaps and braided ties on the flaps using both colors. This version looks a lot like ones I see on campus. They are very popular now. And the whole hat takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to make on 10 or 10.5 US size needles. Cute and quick!

So, the next version may be an elf hat. The pattern is a little different and on the same website - (see picture below from the website). They even have ears! They would also be great for charity knitting for the holidays.

Happy knitting over the Holiday Turkey Weekend. Knitting helps calm me when relatives are around. Nordically yours, Sheryl (the Eyeball Alien)

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