Monday, March 3, 2008

Sock Knitters' Pentathlon Begins

Jacobean Silk WIP
Originally uploaded by RiverKnits
If ever there were an event to remind me that I am a VERY SLOW knitter, this is it! The Sock Knitters' Pentathlon is a contest that has brought together knitters from around the world to knit 5 pairs of socks, a sock every 2 months. The fastest to post pictures of WIPS & FO's win. Easy enough. I really wasn't eager to try to place because I figured it would be impossible. But I was really blown away by the fact that the first knitter had a finished pair of socks in something like 9 or 10 hours after the pattern was posted. Truly amazing!

This is my sock in progress. The pattern is called Jacobean; it is knitted toe up with a Magic Cast on. I had never tried that before but found it easy and fun. In case you're wondering those ARE 2 circs in the picture. Who would've thunk it? I know. The yarn is Panda Silk. Let me say these Panda Silk socks are going to be possibly my most luxurious feeling socks ever. They feel dressy and expensive (but they're not!).

Overall I think this will make a very sharp sock. I'm sure I'll have mine done sometime in the allotted 2 months!


drlaura said...

that's soooooooo pretty. i've been craving yellow myself - must be the winter blahs sliding into wanting daffodils?
anyway, am the 'sockguru' for crystal palace yarns, and we'd love to post your pic+blog link on our
do write and say yes!

blessings, :L

monica said...

Those are very pretty, the color shows the design beautifully.