Monday, February 4, 2008

Fee, Fi, Fo, Felt

If you saw this,

you might think I have a plumbing problem. But that's not it. I actually have a REALLY NICE LG frontloader that I love. It has changed my life. It saves water & electricity because clothes don't take nearly as long to dry since they get spun out so well in the washing machine. I love it. But it's not so good for felting. Contrary to popular belief, it does felt things--quite well! Too well! It puts permanent creases that I don't like in felted things. So I had to improvise another system. What you see above is it!

I thought it would be difficult and laborious to felt using my own elbow power. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. First off I tried my Bordhi Basket that I had knit in the moebius workshop with Cat Bordhi last year at TNNA.

I used hot water in one tub, with a squirt of WoolMix. I put cold water in the other bucket. I plunged my basket in the hot water, then when I felt like a change I threw it in the cold bucket and plunged some more. Back & forth. It probably didn't even take 15 minutes in all. I think I put more hot water in the hot bucket one time. I loved the results!

Several hours later I remembered my Unspun Mittens! I quickly scanned the Interweave Felt magazine for felting directions and discovered they involved what sounded like hard work and bubble wrap. "Bah!" thought I! My pluger method worked so well before I thought I'd try it again. I threw my mittens in the hot bucket and plunged away again, alternating with dips in the cold water until I liked what I got. Now I have a really warm pair of mittens!

I am glad I've figured out a way to do controlled felting without a toploading washing machine. It was fun!


Laura said...

This is awesome! I rubbed my fingertips raw trying to felt those Fiber Trends shoes, so I'm definitely keeping this in mind for the next project.

I assume that's a new plunger?

Elizabeth said...

The buckets are not new. The plunger is, however.

Amanda said...

Wow! And think about all the electricity and water you are saving by doing it that way! How very green of you! :)