Monday, September 10, 2007

What's It?

A scepter? (Because I'd love to be Queen of the World?)

A head whacker? (Because I need to keep Brent in line?)

No--It's a sock darner! Because I'm wearing holes in my socks.

Brent made this for me last winter when I noticed I was wearing holes under the heels of my Hauk socks. It is modeled after Michelle's prototype. He finished varnishing it and gave it to me on my birthday.

You use a darning egg by putting it inside your sock to give it form and shape while you are repairing it. I suppose it keeps you from accidentally sewing one layer of your sock to the other side too! I've heard that some people use lightbulbs for this purpose, but that sounds dangerous to me. I'm not very good at darning yet.

I guess now that I have a darning egg, I need to get cracking on those socks. Winter will come again...


Heatherly said...

will you darn with the same colour or a random hue?

Heather said...

I want one!!

Maybe I'll send a picture to my sister and get her working on one in her woodshop...along with sock blockers....

Elizabeth said...

I will try to darn the pair in question with the same yarn since I have some in the same color. Maybe my poor darning skills will be less noticeable that way?

And I want wooden sock blockers too, btw. The egg is just an egg from the craft chain store with a wooden dowel rod for holding it between your legs at a good height and keeping your hands free for darning. Sand it very, very smooth and varnish it a bunch for even more smootheness. It was all Michelle's idea.