Monday, June 18, 2007

My Sockday!

Well folks, I've enjoyed many great moments in my life, but I can't think of many (except maybe the births of my children) that top getting SEVEN new pairs of handknit socks all in one day! But that is exactly what happened Saturday when Eight Sock Knitters ate at Nine Irish Brothers and gave me 7 Pairs of Socks. It is indescribable how lucky a person feels when that much knitting is bestowed upon oneself in one sitting.

Our "sockday" club was my brainchild one day about a year ago when I was reveling in the joy of handknit socks hanging on the clothesline. There were the socks I'd knit myself & the extra special socks knit for me by Michelle & Heather. I thought it was so nice to have socks from my friends and I found myself wishing to have more socks from more friends. So I sent a bunch of socky friends an email asking if they would be up for a really big sock exchange. And so the sockday club was born! Each participant has her own "sockday" (more fun than any birthday!) when all the other members shower her with handknit socks. With 8 people and about 3 months between each sockday, this was a 2 year commitment. I've been waiting for a year for my socks, and boy was it worth the wait! Hang in there ,Amanda (who gets the honor of being the last recipient due to being the youngest of the group).

Wanna see my socks?

I am truly rich!


Jamisyn said...

Oooo, lucky you!

Saffista said...

I guess that age does have it's privileges :-)


Robin said...

What a neat idea! I think I'm going to talk this idea up at our knit night - we have some really good sock knitters there.