Monday, June 11, 2007

Jump Starting Our Creativity....with Fiona Ellis

Tuesday June 5th Fiona Ellis arrived in Lafayette in style!

After a lovely time mingling over a light buffet at the Buttery Shelf, she talked to us about how to spark our own creativity. She also showed us many of the garments from her book Inspired Cable Knits. It was fascinating to hear how the twists of the cables were not just a way to show of some fancy stitches but often were inspired by something in nature or life. I loved having a chance to try on the Celtic Icon hooded cardigan. (It occurs to me as I type this that the new and not even unboxed Wool Cotton blend yarn from Cestari might be perfect for this garment....)

After teaching us about ways to spark our own creativity Fiona gave everyone the chance to put that knowledge to work through various experiential exercises that we could choose. Some worked with color or texture patterns while others used photographs to inspire knitted samples. Some used paper and pencils to sketch a plan while others jumped right in with yarn & needles.

Everyone had a wonderful time!

Following the presentation, it is rumored that one of the participants who shall remain nameless took Fiona's inspiration to creativity to heart by un-venting a new way to exit I-65; up the on-ramp in reverse; WITH Fiona in the car! Hopefully Fiona knew that we really understand how to be creative in Lafayette!


Amanda said...

I've been thinking an awful lot about that cotton blend from Cestari myself....I've found myself in another slump since ripping out the Lacy Leaf Jacket. Last night I spent the evening looking through books and magazines for inspiration, and the Cestari yarn was always in my thoughts: "Oh, wouldn't that look nice in the Cestari?" or "ooo...the Cestari would be really nice for that." Perhaps it's fate.

Elizabeth said...

Well if SOMEONE would get moving this morning and get to RK EARLY there might be some chance of that Cestari cotton/wool dk might just make it out of the box today...