Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Thrill of Victory!

You have seen the agony of defeat; or at least the agony of stumbling blocks along the way; in the previous two posts. So it is even more exciting to finally be able to show you the thrill of victory in this one!

Knitting is such a process--a lot like life. One step forward; two steps back. And so on. Sometimes we think we ought to be a little further along and yet both life, and knitting, seem to tell us it's the journey, not the final destination, that really matters. And yet, when the final destination turns out to be wonderful too, then we feel truly that the journey was worth the trip. SOMETIMES it is!

When our knitted creations also give us the option of becoming a Jawa, well then it's even better.

1 comment:

Sheryl said...

The hoodie is great! I love it and also the new hair color. She is beautiful with black hair. You should be really proud of both creations!