Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heather Hoodie Progress Report

(Or "Why You Shouldn't Knit Cables with Decreases While Watching Flash Forward")

As you may or may not know, I am knitting the Heather Hoodie from the Fall Knit Scene. This is a bulky cable knit hooded cardigan vest in Lamb's Pride Bulky. It should be going along pretty quickly. The back is done and resting quietly at home waiting, impatiently, for the front halves.

With a somewhat uncharacteristic bit of determination I pledged to myself to knit nothing else until it was finished. I got one half done pretty quickly. They really are very narrow pieces and #10 needles are plenty big. This just shouldn't be taking so long. One side done! Good.

Then my youngest daughter came home from school explaining to us in minute detail about a new series on tv that her English teacher was telling them about (a wonderful teachable moment to illustrate the meaning of the vocabulary word "eerie"). She was eager to watch it. So we hooked my laptop up to the tv and watched the episodes to date on Hulu. She show was GOOD. The knitting; not so good.

Clearly I need to watch more boring television!

How did I do this? I looked only at my notes and never got out a tape measure or the other half of the sweater. My notes said I began decreasing on row 14 of the cable pattern. But with the excitement of the tv program I was in a rush to get to the good part and failed to notice that I needed one more full pattern repeat before decreasing on row 14. *sigh*

A little trip to the frog pond will be in order soon...

But for now, I'm soothing my knitting nerves with the Fake Isle Hat Pattern. Maybe with a minor success under my belt I can face the re-knitting of the right front of the Heather Hoodie!


RacineDKringle said...

Noo, not another good show rec from you!

I still haven't seen Torchwood! /pouts!

I'm on my own windmill tilting mission - the Boneyard shawl must get done, but the long long rows are a bit tedious!

Time for us to queue up the Dollhouse DVD's if I escape from work stuff long enough to do it! =D

Elizabeth said...

I still have the Dollhouse series in my netflix queue from your recommendation! But I have gotten side tracked by True Blood. Can't watch that one with the kids though, nor can I knit during it! I really am on the lookout for a slightly boring documentary so I can get this darn thing finished.

RacineDKringle said...

And so the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Documentary" is born.

Be elated. Or be scared...