Monday, July 6, 2009

Is Summer Really Just for Washcloths?

I hope not! :-) But darn if I don't seem to knit one every summer. It's like I can't help it. Laura got married last weekend and it seemed like a nice thing to tuck one in with her present so that's what started it. Then I had more yarn leftover and it was so easy to just cast on for another one

because as much as I love stash I really don't want a dishcloth cotton stash. So it begins...I hope it doesn't lead to anything serious.

Knit Night Monday
Don't forget that Monday, July 13 is Knit Night. Hardly seems possible that it is only the 2nd monday when the month will be nearly half done but so it is. Hope to see you there!

Beautiful Gaia Shoulder Hug on Display
Margie knit the beautiful Gaia Shoulder Hug in 3 1/2 balls of Mini Mochi. It is on display at River Knits and I know you'll adore it! Margie added a border using the one found on p. 134 of Victorian Lace Today. The effect is beautiful and I know that if you are a lace lover or a shawl fan, you'll probably want to try one of these. I hope you can stop by and see it soon! Crystal Palace also has a similar shawl pattern on their website using only 2 balls; it is the Mini Mochi Shawlette.

Lanaloft, new from Brown Sheep Co.
We are trying out a new yarn from Brown Sheep Company called Lanaloft. There are 5 new colors of it here for you to try out and tell me what you think. It is a single ply worsted a lot like Lamb's Pride but it is 100% wool, with no mohair. From just touching it in the ball I think it feels like a great wooly yarn. If you try some please let me know how you like it!

Namaste's Newest Offering
I would love to place a Namaste order because they have a really awesome new bag called Hermosa. I saw it at the TNNA trade show and it is very attractive, like all the Namaste bags. I decided I would ask you before ordering though to make sure that we get the colors that everyone wants! So, if you would like to preorder a Hermosa bag (or any other Namaste product) please contact me and let me know which color and style you would like. The Hermosa bags will sell for $75.00, email me for prices on other styles. I can invoice you via PayPal for a 50% down payment or for the total price of the bag as you wish. (Or of course we take cash, check or charge in person at River Knits.) As always, special orders are not returnable, but I know you'll love these bags, so I doubt if you'll be interested in returning one!

Addi Click - New components available to pre-order

Individual tips and cords/extension packs will be available soon. Here's the full listing of what will be available.

The tips are available in US 4, US 5, US 6, US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10, US 10. 5, US 10. 75, US 11, US 13, and US 15.
The suggested retail per pack* on US 4 through US 8, is $13. 95
The suggested retail per pack* on US 9 through US 10. 75, is $15. 95
The suggested retail per pack* on US 11 through US 15, is $19. 95

The extra cord/extension packs feature three cords and one extra connector. The cord sizes are 24", 32" and 40". These are the same sizes which come with the full set. The suggested retail price per pack, is $29. 95

I will take preorders for these piece parts and might eventually stock them in the shop. They will be primarily of interest to people who want to expand their existing Click sets. (Btw, we do have some Click sets available!) I would like to place a Skacel Order by Wednesday, July 15th, so please place all preorders for Click Parts before then.

The discerning reader has already noticed that the sizes NOT included in the complete click kit are now available: US 5 size (3. 75mm) and the US 10. 5 (6. 5mm)to be precise!

Clarification: *a PACK is two tips in the same size. That is all that is included in the pack.

Ashford Hookless flyers - last call to preorder
I am also about to place an order with my Ashford spinning products supplier. If you would like one of the hookless flyers mentioned in my last post, please email me asap!

Sock Club July 25th
Michelle wants to let you know that she is unable to attend the Sock Club on July 25th due to a conflict at work. The July meeting is supposed to be covering the first part of a pattern from Cookie A's book Sock Innovation. You can see a sample at the shop. Heather will be working at the shop during the July sock club and has tackled quite a few Cookie A sock patterns, so can probably be a great resource for you during the first session. All sockies come hang out together in July and put your heads together to help each other along. Michelle will be back in August & will be available to clear up any questions you might have about this pattern.

While you are at sock club you could consider entering a submission for Berroco's Sock Star Competition. At present River Knits has some Ultra Alpaca Fine which is an acceptable yarn to use in the competition. If someone is dying for one of the other Berroco sock yarns that are qualified please let me know--I know where we can get some!

Other July Classes
There is room in the upcoming Help Session, July 18th. Please register ahead of time so we know how many to expect. Knowing what you need help with is helpful too!

We also need some adventurous students who want to join the Learn to Crochet class on July 21st. You can see the whole description on the website.

Other neat patterns
As long as we're looking at shawls, Margie shared this lovely pattern in Panda Silk dk.

And yet another great pattern using Cascade's Ecowool (I love that yarn!) is Todd's Basketweave Scarf.

And on a funny note, I can't remember if I showed you the Dead Fish Hat? Don't you think someone you know needs one?

Knit on!

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