Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Once Was Lost...

...Now Is Found!

Anyone who was at the River Knits Yarn Tasting might have heard me lamenting about my daughter's lost Wallaby. I had wanted to bring the Wallaby to the Yarn Tasting to show an example of a garment knit with Universal Classic Worsted Tapestry. When I asked my daughter if I could borrow her sweater for the evening, a horrible look of woe came over her face and thus I learned that said sweater had not been seen in months. That led to what seemed like a full-scale search and rescue mission that was finally ended with no leads into the whereabouts of the sweater.

I was sad, but I recovered. I do love my daughter more than the sweater.

So fast forward until yesterday when my dear daughter was cleaning her room and packing to go on a trip. I heard a loud, "MOM!" that inspired mild concern. I thought something was wrong. (But it was only mild concern because the something that is "wrong" is often just the presence of a small spider or something else that isn't really all too "wrong" even though it inspires that tone of voice in my daughters.)

My daughter appeared at the doorway with none other than the long lost sweater!

It had been packed in a long-unopened overnight bag that had never been unpacked after a previous outing. Mystery solved!


Toni said...

Not only does it still fit, it's just in time for our hot & humid weather!

Elizabeth said...

My kids are always a little backwards like that--she'll love having a nice warm sweater in the summer! :-)

Jamisyn said...

Sweet relief!

Saffista said...

Tell her not to grow this summer so that it will still fit this fall!