Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week of UFO's: 7 Days to Finish 7 Projects!

--from guest blogger, Sheryl

This all started when I realized that I had way too many UFOs, and I wanted to start 2 new projects. There is no way I could have 11 ongoing projects.
I am working on the Mystery Shawl in Amanda’s shawl class and a pair of Norwegian mittens in River Knits Nordic Club, in addition to these other 7 lingering garments. Even for me, that is too many. Plus, the 7 projects that I am going to finish this week are all pretty close to the end and this plan seems very reasonable (at least it does in the middle of the night). The number of these UFOs, and their nearness to completion must have been working on my subconscious, because last week I woke up in the middle of the night with the answer – for one week, finish a project each day and they would be done - a UFO marathon week. Looking at the calendar helped the idea along, since I can incorporate the Memorial holiday weekend, giving me a three day weekend at the end of the week if I get behind on my 1 project/day schedule.
The photograph shows 6 of the seven projects – 2 shawls, a toddler sweater, one pair of socks (one sock unfinished), an afghan, and a sleeveless summer top. Another toddler cardigan is not pictured, since it is my charity knitting project and lives in the car. It is scheduled for later in the week. These projects range in unfinished age from 2 weeks to 4 years.
The schedule is: Day 1, Tuesday – Boucle shawl for a friend starting cancer therapy on Wednesday. Wednesday will be the pullover toddler sweater that needs to be sewn together – it is already finished and blocked. The afghan is scheduled for Thursday because it only needs a couple of rows and to be bound off and a small seam sewn up. That day is a long work day and so it will be a challenge to get anything done on the knitting projects. (Work can be so demanding of knitting time). Friday will probably be the sleeveless summer top, and that may run into Saturday. Saturday’s project is the ruffle on the second shawl. Sunday will be the toddler cardigan and Monday the second sock.
Well, now all there is to do is get started tomorrow! Wish me luck.


Heather said...

Sheryl, you've inspired me to cast on 7 projects so I can have 7 UFOs and then copy your idea. Have fun!

Toni said...

Good luck and keep us posted. My UFOs are too far from complete to try the same, but maybe someday.

lariba said...

Yay Sheryl! Great idea, wondering, what is the triangular shawl from RK? It looks like something I could use, I am rubbish at shawls but maybe it is not too hard?

Sheryl said...

lariba, ask Elizabeth about the triangular shawl pattern, she knows which one I have used. It is on the wall by the yarn that goes with it and is free with yarn purchase. It works really well with the Cherry Tree hill boucle, but there are 2 boucles, so ask her.