Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dragged Back to Reality...

Christmas is over, and I've been dragged by my heels back into the real world. At Mae's house, there is no internet. I turned off my phone. For 6 glorious days I had no idea what was going on in the real world. Here are some of the things I saw while I was gone:

SCARVES...I finished the last of the scarf basket scarves (this one is Branching Out from and saw many of them taken and worn by family...

JOE...knitting his brother a scarf when none in the basket were manly enough for Manly Mike.

Joe used his own basketweave pattern and knocked out a scarf in two days. I must say, the yarn was not from an LYS, as Hometown only has a craft the best we could find was 80% acrylic, 20% wool...and squeaky. But apparently, manly men can't tell the difference.

SCRABBLE...with Josie and Grandma (also in this picture, Curtis and Aunt Sharon). Grandma is a Scrabble junkie, and Josie is a grandma junkie, so it worked out perfectly.

CORNHEADS AND BANANAGRAMS...more games, this time it's Curtis with my sister and two of her boys. Holli's pretty cut throat, even while competing against children, so I bowed out of that one. (Actually, I got in trouble for encouraging 5 year old Justin to cheat by making up words. Poor kid can't read yet, and is trying to play along. It was just more fun to let him make up words and pretend they were real.)

CURTIS BEING THE COOL OLDER he teaches Cory to play Playstation was fun watching all the little kids look up to Curtis...and for the most part, Curtis was pretty patient and cool.

AND FOR HEATHER...lots and lots of this kind of thing. I read and I knit and I read and I knit. It was wonderful.
Can't wait for next Christmas!!


Michaela said...

Ummm...don't know if I've told you lately...but I miss you. Also, I'm disgusted with how little progress I seem to make with these tiny little sock needles. Ok, not really, but it's quite a change after the honkin' size 11 needles for my sister's baby blanket :) I love you and the Yarn Harlot and I love your pics. Hopefully my tax refund will be astronomical and we can come visit soon. Love you. Michaela

Michaela said...

p.s. too bad there's no visual of "manly Mike"!!!! Makes me smile.

Elizabeth said...

I think I would enjoy Christmas with your family!

Heather said...

you're welcome to come along next year... :)